After a serendipitous meeting, Mario and Erika created Studio M + E as an architecture, urbanism, planning and design research practice to expand ideas and action across borders.

We believe in the role architecture, urban design and planning can play in improving the lives of urban dwellers. We are committed to using design as a means to involve people in shaping cities and their environments towards greater equity and resiliency.

Studio M + E is jointly based in Detroit, USA and Mexico City, MEXICO. And, while Mexico City and Detroit couldn’t be more different, these cities offer opportunities for new collaborations and conversations about urban life.

Mario Daniel Avila Salazar completed his Bachelor of Architecture from UNAM in Mexico City and co-founded the Bordearte Collective. The Bordearte collective is a non-profit comprised of artists, musicians, architects, and actors based in Gabriel Hernández neighborhood of Mexico City and committed to challenging social inequality in Mexico City through creative practices.

Erika Jean Linenfelser graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and Architecture from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, USA. Following, she completed masters degrees in Urban Planning and Urban Design from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. She co-founded People’s Design Front, an initative to provide free renderings to non-profits and individuals with social or environmental missions. She is also a member of The Tricycle Collective